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Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems (NPR) & Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS)

All buildings that include hotels, malls, industrial places, software parks, amusement centres, movie halls, Government buildings, apartments, condominiums need a much SECURED entry/exit gates.

These gates are normally crowded with Security guards, instruments like mirror based vehicle scanners, register note books to make entry of visitors, RF Ids tags, Boom barriers etc., to make the gates as secured as possible.

Addition to this, automated security systems are becoming a must in all these gates. In this we will look into information on License plate or Number Plate Recognition systems (NPR) and Under Vehicle Scanning systems (UVSS) – different terminology involved in these and also different types of systems.

As vehicles pass in and get out of a complex, it becomes essential to identify those through number plates of the vehicles. These Number plate details are conventionally recorded manually in the gates or a CCTV camera installed to capture the footage or video. Both these processes involve humans to register and search huge amount of data and also prone for errors.

Hence, an automatic number plate recognition system with analytics would help the purpose to capture the image of vehicle, scan, read and store number plate and also retrieve data with all relevant and related information when needed.

There are two different terminologies used in this as LPR and ANPR. Let us see what they are?

LPR means license plate recognition and is a term usually used to describe specialty CCTV Camera that is capable of dealing with the challenges associated with capturing license plates such as car speeds, fog, night vision, and reflective license plate material.

ANPR stands for automatic number plate recognition and is a term usually used in describing software that takes input from an LPR camera and recognizes the alpha numeric characters on a plate using software and is then able to take action on the license plate number such as store it to a database or match it up against database records.

Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd., provides such ANPR- Automatic Number Plate Recognition and analytics platform with Cameras (Machine Vision Cameras used) to capture, store the entire vehicle, number plate as images and also read the characters of Number plate as text and store them in a database with all search easiness provided in the software.

The above product is called ONPRA – Online Number Plate Recognition and Analytics system and the details are provided in the web site under products/security.

Online Number Plate Recognition (NPR) and Analytics system is also customizable for more cameras and add more analytics as per the need of the end customer and their site requirement.

Apart from this system, which is installed in a pole at a height of few meters, the gates also need an Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) to be installed beneath the ground on which the vehicles can pass by without stopping for check using the Mirrors by a security guard.

If the gate security needs both Number Plate Recognition (NPR) and also under vehicle Scanning system (UVSS), a total solution called OUVSS – Online Under Vehicle Scanning System that includes both Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Under Vehicle Scanning (UVSS) interconnected in the data base. Additionally driver image can also be captured, stored and included in data base with all search capabilities.

Let us look into the history of Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS).

Initially CCTV cameras were installed on small speed breaker arrangement and the video of the under vehicle movement is captured, stored in media. Images were extracted and stitched offline to give a single view. This is not effective due to frame rate issue and poorness in stitching the frames from a video.

Later with the introduction of Line Scan Cameras in the Machine Vision Market, the same was used to scan the moving vehicle line by line with horizontal pixels fixed and vertical resolution fixed automatically based on vehicle size and/or entered manually. The under chassis of vehicle moving is captured in high resolution images. It is an expensive solution as the camera and optics is expensive.

Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd. has this Line Scan version of their Online Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) in color to create more than 10 megapixel images.

The new gen Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS) are introduced with Fast frame rate high resolution area scan cameras from Machine Vision market that can capture images of Under Chassis mimicking a line scan and provide all the features but with lower cost.

Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd. has this Area Scan version of their Online Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) in color to create more than 10 megapixel images.

Conventionally Vehicle arrival was detected by magnetic loop sensors installed in the gates. Online Solutions Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS) do not use this convention but uses magneto resistive sensors that can be programmed for finding only the vehicle’s arrival.

Issue (in above said systems) arise when the moving vehicle stops on the setup. Online Solutions in their advanced version can provide a stop detection facility and also stitch meaningful images.

Online Under Vehicle Scanning System (OUVSS) also includes auto and manual detection of abnormalities under the chassis.

Number Plate Recognition part in both OUVSS and ONPRA has training facility to train even abnormal characters in a number plate.

Company keeps up pace with technology and upgrades the hardware and software as and when available and as per need.

Note: The above article is a collection from various web sites, manufacturers and distributors / integrators of GATE SECURITY SYSTEMS. If any company/individual finds any ownership of contents – they can let us know at to either change or remove the contents. Article is provided only for the information purposes and facts can be cross verified by the readers.



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