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Mr. Yusuke Shirato from Navitar Japan visited our office on 9th September 2019. He demonstrated PIXELINK’s new HDR Cameras with new look Pixelink Capture software which had Cross Hair, Navitar Lens controls built in, measurement tool box, essential preprocessing like edge detection, equalization etc., video recording, HDR on/off feature, white balancing, Bayer to RGB conversion, Auto Focus feature for adjusting Auto Focus lenses, Auto exposure controls,LUTs, Trigger I/O and many more features. HDR functionality is implemented as easy to use feature set. The settings can be saved and retrieved. This can be used with Pixelink’s SDK. Navitars zoom lens systems 12X and Zoom 6000 has motorized controls for Zoom Focus and IRIS for all Microscopic and Macro applications for different sensor size usage. Motorized lenses can have presets and easy to control GUI with Pixelink capture or separately if to be used with other cameras. Pixelink also has Microscopy software that covers all the aspects of Microscopy applications. Pixelink cameras are used with NIKON Metrology Microscopes in Europe. Pixelink Cameras are available in USB and GigE interfaces as full cameras or block cameras according to the need. Pixelink also has Polarization cameras with sensors from Sony supported by Pixelink’s software. More details can be had from our url or or

Mr Yusuke Shirato spent time in understanding our marketing activities and general discussions on economy and possibility of improving the sales in India. Navitar has also introduced 4K HDR Lenses that can be used in unmanned vehicles, used as optics on cameras fixed to any vehicle etc.

Navitar specializes in lens optics especially Zoom Systems, Objectives, Automation FA lenses and specialized optics for projection systems.

Online Solutions is working with Navitar for more than decade in India market there by serving both research and industrial clients on their needs related to zoom optics.

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