DVR Core 2

Compatible with IO Industries CoreView and Streams™ 7



DVR Express® Core 2
Camera Link

• (4) Camera Link inputs, configurable as (4) CL-Base, (1) CL-Full and (2) CL-Base, or (2) CL-Base inputs with (2) CL-Base outputs (for CL-Base repeat/playback)
• Supports many Area Scan and Linescan cameras with monochrome or color data types
• All configurations supported (Base/Medium/Full/Full 80-bit) at clock rates up to 85MHz

DVR Express® Core 2
Camera Link Plus

• Same capabilities as model above plus support for (2) CL-Full inputs, either from separate cameras or a single camera with dual CL-Full outputs
• Can also be configured as (1) CL-Full input with (1) CL-Full output (for CL-Full repeat/playback)

Features on all models

Connection to Control Computer

• 3/6 Gbps eSATA-2/3 (USB 3.0 adapter included)

• Required for configuration and operation

• Allows live video display, post-recording playback and video export to local storage

Auxiliary Signal Input/Output

• (6) Bi-directional TTL (direction configured in pairs)

• (2) LVDS inputs and (2) LVDS outputs

• (1) Remote On/Off

Time Stamping

• High-precision time stamp per frame (100ns resolution)

• Time stamps can be synchronized to external IRIG or GPS time code receiver

Multi-DVR Synchronization

• Master/Slave configuration allows time reference distribution and synchronizes recording start/stop across multiple DVRs

• Supports synchronization with previous-generation DVR Express® Core models.

Control Software

• IO Industries CoreView or Streams™ 7 (SDKs available)

System Requirements

• Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 32/64-bit

• Available eSATA or USB 3.0 port

Video Storage & Recording (* depending on model and storage)


• Removable shuttle with high-speed solid state media
• Up to 15TB capacity per DVR
• Supports hardware RAID (levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3)

Supported Video Data Rate

• Up to 1620MB/s*

Recording Format

• Uncompressed recording files

• DVR Express® Core file format stored in DVR Express® Core file system (proprietary)

Mechanicals (* depending on model and storage)


• 320 x 165 x 50 mm (12.6 x 6.5 x 2")


• 1.4 kg* (3.1 lbs)


• Anodized aluminum


• 14-25V DC, <40W*


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