Robotics is an ever growing Technology industry that requires innovation on development of Robots for many tasks from basic house keeping to war front and calamity fighting and even machine vision applications.. Educational kit for Robotics is designed to provide a starting point for researchers and developers with a Mobile autonomous robot with a Manipulator, ROS based SDK and Full source code for all algorithms to recognize 3D objects also.


Online Robotics Kit

The kit includes a mobile autonomous robot with a manipulator, ROS-based SDK & full source code of all algorithms used in the robot software. The robot is able to perform navigation in a common environment, recognizes 3D objects, can grasp them and manipulate with them.
Features and Capabilities
• Robot hardware is included with instructions to assemble and setup.
• Original proprietary algorithms for autonomous navigation, 3D object recognition and manipulation.
• Development kit is based on the open and versatile ROS (Robot Operating System) framework.
• Source code for the robotic algorithms is included.
• Robot hardware is based on the components available on the market and can be modified by  customers.
• Robotic simulator can be used for algorithms evaluation and software development without real robotic hardware.


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